Monday, March 19, 2012

Where do i begin??

        Wow has it really been 6 Months since i have posted anything. Crazy how One child takes up all your time. Well i think i will just start where we are right now and not try to catch up. Ryker is our life and he is now 6 Months old. Where has the time gone. My little baby boy isn't so little anymore. It makes me so sad i cant just cuddle him whenever i want. He is Mr independent and loves to just play, play, play. He doesn't want you to just hold him. I will post some pics of him growing up these past few months. I wanted to right a few of his little things he does so i will always remember them.

6 months old!                                                   

  1. His stats are 14 IBS 12oz 6th %, Height 25 3/4 22nd %, Head is only 16" 1% he has his poor daddy's head ha.
  2. He is Sitting up now but still face plants it and is a little wobbly.
  3. He usually goes to bed around 7-7:30 and sleeps tell 6:30 eats and goes back to sleep tell around 8.
  4. He started sleeping threw the night at 3 months old. I will not complain:)
  5. He started eating rice 3 or 4 weeks ago he is a champ:) he just started fruits and veggies and he is a good little eater.
  6. He is always jabbering away and has to be wiggling all day long
  7. He has the cutest little giggle i have ever heard.
  8. Nap times can be kinda rough lately but he LOVES the blanket over his head for some reason so lately i lay him down and just put it over his head and he calms down. I know I'm a terrible mother ha but i make sure he can breath and go take it off once he is a sleep. Funny kid. 
  9. He is always sucking on something either is hands, puke burp rag, my bracelets,, he just loves sucking on things.
  10. He loves to sit and read books he get so excited and kick his legs and flings his arms. I love my little bookworm.
  11. He is always so happy in the morning when you go to get him out of bed, I love that huge smile:)
  12. He has had terrible cradle cap. We have taking him to the dermatologist twice and i have this routine i have to do his head 4 different things everyday plus his eczema cream. I cant wait for That to be over ha. Poor kid probably thinks its normal to get your scalped rubbed everyday .
  13. He is finally getting i little more hair on top.
  14. He has at least 2 or 3 chins ha i love my chubby babes.
  15. He thinks its funny to drop his toys and make me pick them up 15 times ha i know he thinks its a game.
  16. I have to be super careful when feeding him. He Knocks the bowl right out of my hands and the food goes flying all over both of us.
  17. He has only rolled over 4 times both ways.
  18. He Loves sucking on his Big Toe. 

All Dolled up for church!


5 months

   4 Months                                                                      
 3 Months

1 or 2 Months.

I guess that Sums it up!!