Thursday, October 20, 2011

5 Days Old!!!

        My sister Toni Is the sweetest girl in the world and took Ryker's baby pics for us. He was only 5 days old and so we just did them at my house in my room. We set up a little homemade studio and she did an amazing job. He actually was wide awake for the first little bit so we were able to get some of him awake:) Thanks Toni for your amazing talent!!

      Sorry if i go a little overboard with pics:) she took so many and its hard to pick just one!!! 

Baby Ryker Is finally here!!!

     Ryker was born on September 13th at 7:13 a.m . He was 19 inches and 6 pounds exactly. He came into the world as a C- Section baby. My real due date was the 15th of Sept but i went in the Monday before and found out he was breech and i only had 4 Percent of my fluids. I had no idea this was the plan for me so when i found out i was scared to death. Once the doc told me he was breech he said so do you wanna have him tomorrow?? I was like um..... can i think about it for a min ha ha. I just started bawling i never thought that was in the cards for me so i had to take a min and take it all in. I called my husband right away and told him what was going on and we decided to take a day extra and have him Wednesday so we had a day to prepare  
I called my mom also and told her what was going on and so she planned on just coming Tuesday night and staying over since they needed us to be at the hospital at 5 in the morning. Anyway long story short that Monday night i started getting contractions in my back and down into my sides and a little in my legs which was  weird. So about midnight we decided i should probably go in. They hooked me up to the monitors to hear the babies heartbeat. Everything sounded fine but they decided to keep me for a while. About an hour later all the sudden his heart rate dropped really low and the nurses came running and and hooked me up to oxygen and hurried and gave me a shot and IV. I was so scared of what was going on. They hurried and called my doc and he ran down and checked things out. He looked at me and said keisha... we arnt waiting tell Wednesday anymore. I was relieved but scared at the same time. He decided to do the surgery at 7 in the morning. I did not sleep all night long. I keep thinking of the surgery and what could go wrong and freaking myself out ha so it was a LONG night. About 6 a.m came around and they came in and started getting me ready to go into the get prepped for everything. They stared the surgery at 7 and he was born 13 min later. That part was nice i just layed there ha ha. The second he came out i could here him start crying but i couldn't see him because the sheet was in the way but that cry just melted my heart and just made me cry my eyes out. It was such an amazing moment hearing that for the first time. I know you other mothers know exactly what i mean by this. Its the most amazing thing and i love my little boy with all my heart. We are so glad he is in our lives and i don't know what i ever did without him in my life. Love you little buddy!!!

                                       My poor boy and jaundice and had to lay on these lights:(

                                                          One Proud Daddy!!

                                                      All cuddled up on His first night home!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Baby Ryker!

     Well I wanted to Write a few things about our Little one on the way. I feel like i haven't been keeping up
like i should. I want to remember my thoughts and how i felt threw this pregnancy. When i first found out a
was pregnant it was Around January 18th i think? I had Taken a pregnancy test a week prior to this that said negative. Once that week passed i new i had to take another test.I couldn't believe my eyes after those dreadful 2 min. I hurried and took a pic and sent it to my husband and said does this look positive to you?. He was in class and i get a text back that says YES?? I was freaking out and couldn't believe it. I ran back down to the store and bought 2 more. Both of those came out positive. It something so hard to believe. I was scared,excited, shocked all at the same time. I remember i was so scared to see my husbands response. He was wanting to be married for a little longer before we started having kids. So we compromised and I promised i wouldn't bring up us having kids tell at least our 1 year mark. Well at this point it was only 6 months.
My husband actually handled it amazingly. He was so excited and told me this must of meant to happen right now. Which i totally agree. Things happen when the time is right. 

    Once i was around 10 weeks along is when i had my first ultra sound. I remember how anxious i was to get in there and make sure everything was OK. I wasn't really way sick just the nauseous feeling and dizzy sometimes. I new i shouldn't worry, its just the doctors conformation that everything is fine makes thinks a lot better. We went in and I sat on the table and he had to do a few of those fun uncomfortable things then he said "are you ready to hear your babies heart beat"? I couldn't believe what i was hearing and seeing. This tiny little peanut with this most powerful heartbeat was inside me. It truly was so amazing that something that small was alive. It brought tears to my eyes and really made it finally seem real.

     At 17 Weeks we were able to go back in and find out the gender of the baby. Of course i had my mind set on a girl and chase wanted a boy. I had dreams often that it was a boy and just had that feeling it was but i still had my mind set. We got in the room and the ultra sound tech asked if we wanted to find out first or wait tell she took all the measurements. I thought well i waited this long what a little longer gonna hurt. So she showed us all the little things like what was what. But he Literally was curled up in such a tiny little ball with his legs and arms in front of his face. Very stubborn. But finally she said OK so here is the umbilical cord and .... This isn't. I NEW it was a boy i said ha. My husband was so excited. I did want a girl but ya know what Boys are just as darling and all i want is a healthy happy baby. Gender does not matter. 

   I am now almost 35 Weeks and starting to feel very uncomfortable as some of you can probably relate. Its so amazing to feel them move around inside you. Although sometimes i wonder hmm i wonder what body part that is jabbing me. But it is all worth the soreness and uncomfortable feeling. I cant wait to get my little boy here and finally get to meet him. I'm so blessed to have a supportive husband and i love seeing how cute he is taking care of me making sure I'm OK when i get up to pee 8 times a night ha poor guy. But i know he will be an amazing father and i cant wait to see the joy Our little boy will bring us!!

29 Weeks!!

34 Weeks!

5 weeks left to go!! Due September 15th.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


  Alot has been going on this past month. July 14th i flew home from texas to stay at my partents house tell my Husband comes home in August.I wasnt seeing a doctor out in texas so my doctor wanted me to be close to him just incase anything with the pregnancy went wrong. My sweet family has been so sweet to take me in and take care of me. We have been doing lots of fun things this month, wich im so greatful its made the time go by a little faster being away from my hubby. I will have to post some pics of our fun times. It has also been so fun to be around my sister chelseas kids a little more. Its crazy how much they changed in just the short time i was away. Braylee is up and walking already and she is barly 10 months old.She is the cutest little girl ever. I am anxiously waiting for my husband to come home. I only have 5 more days tell he gets home so im trying to enjoy my last few days living at my parents!!

  We went to "Dailey Dish" and " Good Things Utah" Michelle
Money was there Co-hosting. It was really fun to meet her
She really is sweet!!

All of this was for my moms Birthday! I hope you had a happy birthday mom i sure do love ya!!
Also forgive me for the pics not being even ha i cant figure out how to fix it so like a said bare with me.

First Post Ever!!

I finally was able to set up a blog. I have been wanting to for some time now, i just havnt gotten around to it. So just bare with me im still learning so if you see anything odd i probably didnt mean to do it. I dont even know where to start so i will just start by a shortend version of the past year. Chase and i have been married for a year since July 9th. We have been living in Cedar this past year with him going to school at SUU. I was managing a Salon called Supercuts Since October 2010. We packed up in May and headed out to Houston Texas for chase to work. He Installs alarms for Vivint alrams for the summers. This is our second summer going out. I hate to say this but i could live without going out again ha. But its good money and helps us threw the school year so i have a feeling we will do it a few more years. For those of you who dont know We are expecting our First baby on September 15th. But i wont go into detail about that in this post. But we are so excited to be parents and Have this Little boy feel our hearts with love!