Thursday, October 20, 2011

5 Days Old!!!

        My sister Toni Is the sweetest girl in the world and took Ryker's baby pics for us. He was only 5 days old and so we just did them at my house in my room. We set up a little homemade studio and she did an amazing job. He actually was wide awake for the first little bit so we were able to get some of him awake:) Thanks Toni for your amazing talent!!

      Sorry if i go a little overboard with pics:) she took so many and its hard to pick just one!!! 

Baby Ryker Is finally here!!!

     Ryker was born on September 13th at 7:13 a.m . He was 19 inches and 6 pounds exactly. He came into the world as a C- Section baby. My real due date was the 15th of Sept but i went in the Monday before and found out he was breech and i only had 4 Percent of my fluids. I had no idea this was the plan for me so when i found out i was scared to death. Once the doc told me he was breech he said so do you wanna have him tomorrow?? I was like um..... can i think about it for a min ha ha. I just started bawling i never thought that was in the cards for me so i had to take a min and take it all in. I called my husband right away and told him what was going on and we decided to take a day extra and have him Wednesday so we had a day to prepare  
I called my mom also and told her what was going on and so she planned on just coming Tuesday night and staying over since they needed us to be at the hospital at 5 in the morning. Anyway long story short that Monday night i started getting contractions in my back and down into my sides and a little in my legs which was  weird. So about midnight we decided i should probably go in. They hooked me up to the monitors to hear the babies heartbeat. Everything sounded fine but they decided to keep me for a while. About an hour later all the sudden his heart rate dropped really low and the nurses came running and and hooked me up to oxygen and hurried and gave me a shot and IV. I was so scared of what was going on. They hurried and called my doc and he ran down and checked things out. He looked at me and said keisha... we arnt waiting tell Wednesday anymore. I was relieved but scared at the same time. He decided to do the surgery at 7 in the morning. I did not sleep all night long. I keep thinking of the surgery and what could go wrong and freaking myself out ha so it was a LONG night. About 6 a.m came around and they came in and started getting me ready to go into the get prepped for everything. They stared the surgery at 7 and he was born 13 min later. That part was nice i just layed there ha ha. The second he came out i could here him start crying but i couldn't see him because the sheet was in the way but that cry just melted my heart and just made me cry my eyes out. It was such an amazing moment hearing that for the first time. I know you other mothers know exactly what i mean by this. Its the most amazing thing and i love my little boy with all my heart. We are so glad he is in our lives and i don't know what i ever did without him in my life. Love you little buddy!!!

                                       My poor boy and jaundice and had to lay on these lights:(

                                                          One Proud Daddy!!

                                                      All cuddled up on His first night home!