Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A few Video's!!

                         One of his new things! He also does his Touchdown Move!!

I couldn't write in between the two videos above. But the second one was a few weeks ago of ryker walking all around the place. He is getting better everyday. And the last one is When we went camping He was sitting on my bros lap while waiting for my parents to meet us. He thinks he can already drive:)

RyKeR... 1 Year old!!

                                     I Cant Believe I have a 1 Year old!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am Sooo behind on blogging so please forgive me cus this will be a blog overload! Ryker is actually now 13 Months. I cant believe how fast time flies. For starters We had to celebrate his birthday while we were in the process of moving. We hurry and threw a party together before we moved from cedar to celebrate with the Rowley side. He got so spoiled:). The next week his real birthday was on Sept 13th so we celebrated in Richfield with my side of the family. My husband wasn't able to come to the party since he had to work :( But we still had a fun time. Thanks to both family's for all the love they give our little ryk.

                                                 Happy 1 Year!

                                        Caterpillar Cupcake Cake We made!

                                            He LOVES Cake....


Coupe Truck Grandma gave him. I think it was his favorite gift!!

 I wanted to write Down some Milestones and funny things about him at this age so i will always remember him. Sorry for the overload... Read at your own risk ha!

  1. His first word That he really new the meaning to it was Aw-oh. He has the cutest little voice ever.
  2. He started walking 4 days before his first birthday. He walked at my moms house for the first time the ONLY day that i was gone in the entire year i swear.They sent me the video and i started crying... I was sad i missed it and he was no longer my little baby, and also proud to see him climb that milestone.
  3. He didn't get his first tooth tell a week before his first Birthday and still to this day he only has 2 teeth. It can still be challenging finding him things to eat. Poor kid has to still gum everything.
  4. He still takes two naps during the day and goes to bed around 7:30 and will sleep all the way threw the night tell around 7:30-8. 
  5. His favorite food is Macaroni, Yogurt, Toast, and quaysides. He really will eat anything i give him. He literally eats more then i do these days.
  6. I have him down to two bottles. One in the morning and one at night.
  7. He is obsessed with climbing up the stairs. He loves to play with anything that is not a toy like our shoes, spatulas, cell phone, remote.
  8. He will shake his head and say like when u say yes to something but he says YA when u ask him a Question ha ha.
  9. He has taking a fall down the stairs all the way to the bottom. Scared me to DEATH. 
  10. He got his first ear infection after his first birthday. 
  11. He LOVES dogs. He will chase after them screaming and most the time the dog runs away from him cus he scares Them ha. 
  12. He loves to wrestle with whoever will wrestle with him. 
  13. He does the little swatting thing like when u shew a fly away when he doesn't want something. Super funny.
  14. He has discovered how to gag himself. He wills stick his hand down his throat whenever he wants attention. Most the time when he is down eating and wants out or he want out of the car seat. I hope this ends soon.
  15. He is starting to get a little attitude and throwing a few fits. Oh boy here it begins.
  16. When i put him to bed he will play in his crib for hours. I will go back in time and time again to tell him to lay down and go to sleep and he will hurry and dive down and pretend like he was sleeping. Little does he know i can hear everything on the monitor. 
  17. He is still super chubby and last i new he weighed 20 IBS but that was a month ago so he is probably more now. He also just got his new car seat and is facing forward now. He is much happier in the car now:) 
  18. WE love our little guy so much and are so grateful We are blessed to have him in our family. He has brought so much joy to my life and has taught me So much. I cant wait to see what this next year has in store and to watch him learn and grow. We love you so much Bubbs!!

Move, move, oh ya and move again!!

     Holy cow can i say I'm so sick of moving!! I feel like i cant even count how many times i have moved in the past 2 years ha. But I will save you all and just talk about our latest move. Actually i will tell how it happened first. I came home a month earlier then my husband from Georgia this summer. One day my fam went to the manti pool to swim and my sister ran into a couple they were friends with when they lived in cedar city. Anyway to make a long story short they were talking and He said he was looking to do some hiring and Norbest. I told my husband about it and he Applyed and got the job Later that night. We feel so blessed and like this is right where we are supposed to be in our lives. We found out about the job and found a place and moved within a week. We live in Ephraim and his job is in moroni so He driveds about 10 min to work. His job discription is He is the Dispatch manager. He is in charge of around 1800 Trucks and all the bids things like that. He is really enjoying it. Its so nice to have my Husband back. Finally a 8-5 (most the time) job. And yay we finally will have Benifits. We are loving it here so far. Everyone is so nice and friendly and we Really lucked out on our place we found. I would have to say My favorite thing is we finally have a Garage. Funny how things change when you grow up. Im excited about a garage and a new vacume, instead of clothes and the latest trends ha. Anyways We think we should be around here for a while we are hoping! I finally feel like im at Home!!

                                    Finally a place we call HOME!!

Girls weekend

    This year my high school friends and i decided we all needed a girls getaway. I would have to say that was the best idea ever. It was so nice to have a break from being mommy for a few days. I have seriously not laughed my butt off like that in such a long time. It was so fun to all catch up and reminisce about old times. We left on a Friday and all piled in Alyse's sweet van and cruised to Vegas. I had to laugh at Alyse's comment she text us all and said "The Mormon mobile is coming to Vegas baby"! We finally arrived in Vegas and ran to the motel to Decorate For a surprise baby shower we were throwing our friend Heidi. It worked out perfect because she decided to fly since she was around 6 months Prego. So we hurry and decorated then all piled in to go pick her up. It turned out super cute and she was so surprised. After that we went and did some fun shopping at the Fashion Show mall and had dinner. That night we stayed up tell 1 or so talking and sleep in the next morning. We layed out at the pool the next day for hours. The most relaxation i have had in a long time. It was so weird not having to chase a toddler around, unload the stroller for shopping ha all those fun things. I think we need to make this a mandatory tradition every year!! Thanks all you cute girls for all the fun and laughs! Next year same time same place?? Love you all:)

                                 Our sweet set of wheels!!


                                      Thanks girls for the fun and all the laughs!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ryker: 10 Months

     I cant believe i have a 10 month well i will in a few days anways!! I just love love being his mom, Kids are an amazing blessing and Keep life busy and entertaining. I feel like i havnt been keeping good track of all his cute things he does and all his milestones so i wanted to jot down a few things so i can look back and remember all his fun little things.

  1. He finally started crawling a few weeks ago. I swear the first time he did it looked like he had been doing it forever. Maybe he had been practicing when i wasnt looking??
  2. He has been eating 3 meals a day plus a bottle before breakfast in between meals and before bed.
  3. He is eating lots of finger foods and LOVES to feed himself. 
  4. Some of his favorite foods are Yogurt, Wheat toast with butter, Bananas, WAffles, and the yogurt bites. He really will eat anything i give him except the green stuff like peas and green beans but i really dont blame him that stuff is yuck.
  5. Lately he has been going to bed at 9 and sleeping tell 9 in the morning so a good 12 hours wich makes my life so much easier:)
  6. He still takes 2 naps in the day time around 1 1/2 hours or so.
  7. For some reason now when he goes down for naps he just wants you to hold and cuddle with him wich is not like him. He used to just want to be put down and go to sleep in his bed. I love it but i just hope its not something thats going to ruin his good sleeping habits.
  8. Lately i go in once i have put him down for his nap and i think he is asleep and i check on him and he is sitting up playing quietly?? 
  9. He loves climbing all over me like im a jungle jim.
  10. Diaper changes are oh so fun. This kid can not sit still for 2 seconds. So its always a joyous time trying to get his diaper on correctly.
  11. He seems to not be afraid of anyone so far he will go to whoever and smile and grin at you are just stare at you and examine your face ha.
  12. He has the loudest scream and screams at everything that excites him. This is the worst at church when your supposed to be quiet and he screams and everyone stares ha.
  13. He loves going on walks especially with our friends dog T He just loves him and screams and his arms swing around like wild.
  14. He LOVES the water. He goes crazy in it and can never get enough.
  15. When he is upset if i open a book to read he automatically calms down and will look at it with me.
  16. His favorite shows are the backyardigans and Bob the builder!!
  17. His wears 12 month clothes and those are starting to get tight. He is one chubby boy. 
  18. He Loves his tongue and is constantly playing with it and making funny noises with it.
  19. He really is getting such a fun personality and at the same time attitude. This kid can throw some fits, arching his back, scratching, pulling my hair. Oh the joys of motherhood. 
  20. His mommy and daddy love him SO much. Thanks for Being in our lives baby cakes. We love you so much and love watching you grow. Thanks for always being so happy and keeping us laughing:)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Family Pics

Before we left for the summer we had my sister take our Family pics. I feel like pics are always such a stress and i want us to look perfect ha Thanks mom for giving me that trait...! But Ryker totally surprised me and was SO good. He loved it and was Screaming a grinning ear to ear! He made it so much fun and Love how Cute they turned out! Thanks sis for the snap shots!!

                      This is my Favorite one:) Look at his face!! Love you Babes!

SuMmEr TiMe!!


       I finally decided i needed to update my blog since its been almost 4 months. Alot has happend these past months and im trying to decide where to begin. I guess i will start off by telling you about georgia:) We moved to atlanta georgia the first of may. We are loving it here so far except for the past two weeks it suddenly got Extremely hott. Last week it was up in the 110's that is to hott for me. The people of georgia are Super nice and friendly. I feel like everywhere we go everyone is always waving and saying hi and in awh over ryker!! 

    We had a Very scary thing happen on July 3Rd. I had just put ryker down for his nap and  i went in the living room to relax. It started raining and i got up to look outside and i was like a down poor. The rain here is so different compared to utah. It never sprinkles it just poors all at once. Anyways... I keep seeing lightning and hearing thunder like seconds after. Ever since i was little i have never been a fan of lightning or thunder so i will admit i was kinda getting scared cus it was SO close. All the sudden i heard thunder and lightning at the same time. I heard people outside my door screaming and someone pounded on my door. I ran outside and they said get out Our apartments got sturck. I was in such a panic. I ran to grab ryker from his bed while dialing my friends number. Being out here our husbands take our cars. So i was carless... I was hysterical calling my friend telling her waht was going on. She said she was sending someone to come get us. All i could think of was Just grab ryk and run. Poor kid was just in his diaper and a shirt. I ran down the stairs and all my neighbors were running. It was still pooring rain so were standing outside getting soaked. The fire truck and ambulance just pulled up and ryker was crying and so confused why i was so upset. Anyways my friend came to get me and i had no idea what to do. I had none of rykers clothes, food, nothing. So i dropped him off at her house and ran back over and they allowed me to run in and atleast get my wallet and some food and diapers for him. Hours later i went back to see what was going on and they said the power was out and they had the vans there for when your house floods sucking up a bunch of water from the apartments. I was thinking omg what am i going to see when i walk into mine. Luckily i walked in and everything was fine. Everyone on the bottom level and the one on top and everyone on my floors apartments where flooded from the spriklers in the apartments coming on. I feel like we were watched over that day. Were so lucky that none of our stuff was ruined. All my neighbors have had to move to other apartments dew to the damage of the water and to there stuff. I am across the hall just feet away enjoying my home. I feel so bad for them but cant help but be thankful im not them. I was not prepared for something like that to happen so it really makes me rethink of what i will change when i get home for a crisis and what i would grab if it were to happen again and not be so lucky!!!


    Anyways, I wanted to post a few pics of what we have been up to out here. We spend alot of time in the water since thats about all you can do outside without melting in the heat. We Went to the Six flags White water park a few weeks ago and ryker loved it! He is like a fish he LOVES water. He cant get enough of it. He is getting so big and getting to be so much fun. He keeps me busy and laughing constantly!!!  

 Well there you have it. My little Water boy!  WE Hope we can Do a few more fun things Before we leave To go back home!!


Monday, March 19, 2012

Where do i begin??

        Wow has it really been 6 Months since i have posted anything. Crazy how One child takes up all your time. Well i think i will just start where we are right now and not try to catch up. Ryker is our life and he is now 6 Months old. Where has the time gone. My little baby boy isn't so little anymore. It makes me so sad i cant just cuddle him whenever i want. He is Mr independent and loves to just play, play, play. He doesn't want you to just hold him. I will post some pics of him growing up these past few months. I wanted to right a few of his little things he does so i will always remember them.

6 months old!                                                   

  1. His stats are 14 IBS 12oz 6th %, Height 25 3/4 22nd %, Head is only 16" 1% he has his poor daddy's head ha.
  2. He is Sitting up now but still face plants it and is a little wobbly.
  3. He usually goes to bed around 7-7:30 and sleeps tell 6:30 eats and goes back to sleep tell around 8.
  4. He started sleeping threw the night at 3 months old. I will not complain:)
  5. He started eating rice 3 or 4 weeks ago he is a champ:) he just started fruits and veggies and he is a good little eater.
  6. He is always jabbering away and has to be wiggling all day long
  7. He has the cutest little giggle i have ever heard.
  8. Nap times can be kinda rough lately but he LOVES the blanket over his head for some reason so lately i lay him down and just put it over his head and he calms down. I know I'm a terrible mother ha but i make sure he can breath and go take it off once he is a sleep. Funny kid. 
  9. He is always sucking on something either is hands, puke burp rag, my bracelets,, he just loves sucking on things.
  10. He loves to sit and read books he get so excited and kick his legs and flings his arms. I love my little bookworm.
  11. He is always so happy in the morning when you go to get him out of bed, I love that huge smile:)
  12. He has had terrible cradle cap. We have taking him to the dermatologist twice and i have this routine i have to do his head 4 different things everyday plus his eczema cream. I cant wait for That to be over ha. Poor kid probably thinks its normal to get your scalped rubbed everyday .
  13. He is finally getting i little more hair on top.
  14. He has at least 2 or 3 chins ha i love my chubby babes.
  15. He thinks its funny to drop his toys and make me pick them up 15 times ha i know he thinks its a game.
  16. I have to be super careful when feeding him. He Knocks the bowl right out of my hands and the food goes flying all over both of us.
  17. He has only rolled over 4 times both ways.
  18. He Loves sucking on his Big Toe. 

All Dolled up for church!


5 months

   4 Months                                                                      
 3 Months

1 or 2 Months.

I guess that Sums it up!!