Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ryker: 10 Months

     I cant believe i have a 10 month well i will in a few days anways!! I just love love being his mom, Kids are an amazing blessing and Keep life busy and entertaining. I feel like i havnt been keeping good track of all his cute things he does and all his milestones so i wanted to jot down a few things so i can look back and remember all his fun little things.

  1. He finally started crawling a few weeks ago. I swear the first time he did it looked like he had been doing it forever. Maybe he had been practicing when i wasnt looking??
  2. He has been eating 3 meals a day plus a bottle before breakfast in between meals and before bed.
  3. He is eating lots of finger foods and LOVES to feed himself. 
  4. Some of his favorite foods are Yogurt, Wheat toast with butter, Bananas, WAffles, and the yogurt bites. He really will eat anything i give him except the green stuff like peas and green beans but i really dont blame him that stuff is yuck.
  5. Lately he has been going to bed at 9 and sleeping tell 9 in the morning so a good 12 hours wich makes my life so much easier:)
  6. He still takes 2 naps in the day time around 1 1/2 hours or so.
  7. For some reason now when he goes down for naps he just wants you to hold and cuddle with him wich is not like him. He used to just want to be put down and go to sleep in his bed. I love it but i just hope its not something thats going to ruin his good sleeping habits.
  8. Lately i go in once i have put him down for his nap and i think he is asleep and i check on him and he is sitting up playing quietly?? 
  9. He loves climbing all over me like im a jungle jim.
  10. Diaper changes are oh so fun. This kid can not sit still for 2 seconds. So its always a joyous time trying to get his diaper on correctly.
  11. He seems to not be afraid of anyone so far he will go to whoever and smile and grin at you are just stare at you and examine your face ha.
  12. He has the loudest scream and screams at everything that excites him. This is the worst at church when your supposed to be quiet and he screams and everyone stares ha.
  13. He loves going on walks especially with our friends dog T He just loves him and screams and his arms swing around like wild.
  14. He LOVES the water. He goes crazy in it and can never get enough.
  15. When he is upset if i open a book to read he automatically calms down and will look at it with me.
  16. His favorite shows are the backyardigans and Bob the builder!!
  17. His wears 12 month clothes and those are starting to get tight. He is one chubby boy. 
  18. He Loves his tongue and is constantly playing with it and making funny noises with it.
  19. He really is getting such a fun personality and at the same time attitude. This kid can throw some fits, arching his back, scratching, pulling my hair. Oh the joys of motherhood. 
  20. His mommy and daddy love him SO much. Thanks for Being in our lives baby cakes. We love you so much and love watching you grow. Thanks for always being so happy and keeping us laughing:)


  1. Ahhhh, super cute! Wow where does the time go?! Can't believe he is 10 months old. Love the stuff you wrote down. Good to remember them, we love and miss you guys. :)

  2. Oh my goodness he is already 10 months old!! Crazy... He is so adorable Congrat's! Love ya!

  3. Thanks girlies!! He is such a blast. Love you both:) and megs your getting so close to meet your precious babes!! Yay

  4. Aww how fun! He seems like such a good little boy! He's already a better eater than mine :( Isn't it crazy how fast time flies?!