Saturday, July 7, 2012

SuMmEr TiMe!!


       I finally decided i needed to update my blog since its been almost 4 months. Alot has happend these past months and im trying to decide where to begin. I guess i will start off by telling you about georgia:) We moved to atlanta georgia the first of may. We are loving it here so far except for the past two weeks it suddenly got Extremely hott. Last week it was up in the 110's that is to hott for me. The people of georgia are Super nice and friendly. I feel like everywhere we go everyone is always waving and saying hi and in awh over ryker!! 

    We had a Very scary thing happen on July 3Rd. I had just put ryker down for his nap and  i went in the living room to relax. It started raining and i got up to look outside and i was like a down poor. The rain here is so different compared to utah. It never sprinkles it just poors all at once. Anyways... I keep seeing lightning and hearing thunder like seconds after. Ever since i was little i have never been a fan of lightning or thunder so i will admit i was kinda getting scared cus it was SO close. All the sudden i heard thunder and lightning at the same time. I heard people outside my door screaming and someone pounded on my door. I ran outside and they said get out Our apartments got sturck. I was in such a panic. I ran to grab ryker from his bed while dialing my friends number. Being out here our husbands take our cars. So i was carless... I was hysterical calling my friend telling her waht was going on. She said she was sending someone to come get us. All i could think of was Just grab ryk and run. Poor kid was just in his diaper and a shirt. I ran down the stairs and all my neighbors were running. It was still pooring rain so were standing outside getting soaked. The fire truck and ambulance just pulled up and ryker was crying and so confused why i was so upset. Anyways my friend came to get me and i had no idea what to do. I had none of rykers clothes, food, nothing. So i dropped him off at her house and ran back over and they allowed me to run in and atleast get my wallet and some food and diapers for him. Hours later i went back to see what was going on and they said the power was out and they had the vans there for when your house floods sucking up a bunch of water from the apartments. I was thinking omg what am i going to see when i walk into mine. Luckily i walked in and everything was fine. Everyone on the bottom level and the one on top and everyone on my floors apartments where flooded from the spriklers in the apartments coming on. I feel like we were watched over that day. Were so lucky that none of our stuff was ruined. All my neighbors have had to move to other apartments dew to the damage of the water and to there stuff. I am across the hall just feet away enjoying my home. I feel so bad for them but cant help but be thankful im not them. I was not prepared for something like that to happen so it really makes me rethink of what i will change when i get home for a crisis and what i would grab if it were to happen again and not be so lucky!!!


    Anyways, I wanted to post a few pics of what we have been up to out here. We spend alot of time in the water since thats about all you can do outside without melting in the heat. We Went to the Six flags White water park a few weeks ago and ryker loved it! He is like a fish he LOVES water. He cant get enough of it. He is getting so big and getting to be so much fun. He keeps me busy and laughing constantly!!!  

 Well there you have it. My little Water boy!  WE Hope we can Do a few more fun things Before we leave To go back home!!


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  1. I can't believe how big he is getting! So dang cute. Looks like you're having fun out there. Sorry about all your crazy incidents. Hope all is well.