Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Move, move, oh ya and move again!!

     Holy cow can i say I'm so sick of moving!! I feel like i cant even count how many times i have moved in the past 2 years ha. But I will save you all and just talk about our latest move. Actually i will tell how it happened first. I came home a month earlier then my husband from Georgia this summer. One day my fam went to the manti pool to swim and my sister ran into a couple they were friends with when they lived in cedar city. Anyway to make a long story short they were talking and He said he was looking to do some hiring and Norbest. I told my husband about it and he Applyed and got the job Later that night. We feel so blessed and like this is right where we are supposed to be in our lives. We found out about the job and found a place and moved within a week. We live in Ephraim and his job is in moroni so He driveds about 10 min to work. His job discription is He is the Dispatch manager. He is in charge of around 1800 Trucks and all the bids things like that. He is really enjoying it. Its so nice to have my Husband back. Finally a 8-5 (most the time) job. And yay we finally will have Benifits. We are loving it here so far. Everyone is so nice and friendly and we Really lucked out on our place we found. I would have to say My favorite thing is we finally have a Garage. Funny how things change when you grow up. Im excited about a garage and a new vacume, instead of clothes and the latest trends ha. Anyways We think we should be around here for a while we are hoping! I finally feel like im at Home!!

                                    Finally a place we call HOME!!

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  1. Ya I hate moving too but I'm glad you're liking Ephraim. I went to school there and loved it! It's a nice small town and everyone is friendly. Plus it's so pretty with all the trees and mountains so close. We'll have to come visit and see you're new place! And ya I agree with getting excited about things like garages and vacuums! I'm the same way lol!